The 19 stop (extended to 20), 2 manual historic baroque organ built by Cyriach Werner.
The 21 stop, 2 manual organ in neobaroque style built by Vermeulen.
The 43 stop (extended to 44), 3 manual organ in modern style built by Eisenbarth.
The 11 stop, 2 manual organ in renaissance style built by Mascioni.
The 22 stop, 2 manual neo-baroque organ built by Mascioni.
The 35 stop, 2 manual german, romantic organ built by Paul Voelkner.
Cracov, st. John Cantius
The 40 stop, 3 manual modern organ built by Polish organbuilder Jacek Siedlar.
The stylistic concept refers to French romanticism.
Melcer Chamber Music Hall - Hauptwerk console


On this website you will find the pipe organ sample sets which allow you to play sampled instruments at home. To do that you need appropriate software. All of my sample sets are available for two major pipe organ simulators: Hauptwerk and GrandOrgue. Right after having software you need a sample set – that is what I offer on this website. Finally, you need to connect MIDI keyboard(s) or console to your computer.

All of my sample sets are free so I will be grateful for any donations which helps me to continue this activity. I hope you will enjoy playing these virtual instruments!

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