Frequently asked questions

How to install the sample sets?


To install the sample set, simply select File/Install organ and temperament… in Hauptwerk’s main menu and select downloaded file. If a sample set comes in multiple files, install in the following order: first packages, then ODF.


For the older sample sets (Skrzatusz, Długa Kościelna, Melcer Chamber Music Hall, Cracow st. John Cantius, Szczecinek, Green Positiv, Lędziny St. Clement, Lipiny, Friesach, Strassburg, Giubiascio, Azzio), please follow the instructions below. For the newer sample sets, please read this page.

To use the sample set, you need to extract downloaded file and open the file with .organ extension. If you can’t extract downloaded file, please try to use 7-zip (for Windows). For best realism please uncheck option Release sample scaling, which is located on the first tab of Audio/Midi Settings.

GrandOrgue versions of sample sets usually comes in two versions, which vary in size of graphic interface. Sample set images are created prospectively to meet the requirements of displays with high resolutions. Legacy versions of GrandOrgue, contrary to Hauptwerk, had very poor image scaling algorithms, so resized graphic interface become uglier and illegible. Still, the size of the window doesn’t fit to display resolution after first load of the sample set, so if it exceeds you need to resize it somehow. Window size should be saved for next organ loads. That’s why I decided to make a version(s), which has smaller size (usually 70% of original), which should fit most of the modern displays.

The interface of every sample set for Hauptwerk contains tabs. Their counterpart in GrandOrgue are panels, which are accesible from main menu. This is the place where you find other pages of sample set, if they were provided.

Will there be GrandOrgue versions of newer sample sets?

I don’t plan to release new GrandOrgue versions. In my opinion the sound differences between Hauptwerk and GrandOrgue versions became too significant. It would be unfair to offer a sample set, which sounds quite differently from what is presented in the audio recordings presenting its capabilities.

Is there option to change the amount of reverb?

In general no, there isn’t. In multichannel sample sets you get more control over the sound, because you can mix different pair of microphones to get closer (more dry) or more distant sound (more wet). For stereo and multichannel sample sets to get impression of smaller space you can also try to use release truncation option for all of the ranks in Hauptwerk’s Load Rank, adjusting rank audio/memory options/routing… menu option.

Why some sample sets are free and some are paid?

For a long time I was sharing my sample sets absolutely free. I had a big dillema when I was considering to switch into commercial model for new sample sets. One of the reasons of my decision was previous fall of motivation to continue and desire to try something different. I will still release demo versions of paid sample sets, which are completely playable, in the entire keyboard scale, with no time or channel count limits. The only limitation is the number of playable stops. It may be strange that there are 13 completely free sample sets and just a few paid, even when some of free sets are much larger and maybe more impressive (like Friesach for example). I still want to share my work, which I’ve done before for free. Of course making this stuff paid would be unfair and reckless.

What computer do I need to play these sample sets?

Please look at general requirements for Hauptwerk software at its website. For smaller sample sets requirements are lower, than for larger ones. The most important factor is RAM memory. Memory requirements are listed for each instrument separately on their sites.

Why there is donate option if there are paid sample sets?

That option exists if you are using mostly my free stuff and want to support me for the work I’ve done before.

Can I use your sample with Hauptwerk 4 Free or Basic edition?

Yes, but you need to fit the memory limits. Please check your version memory limits and memory requirements of given sample set. If it exceeds the limits, you can disable some ranks from loading to fit the limits.

GrandOrgue downloads

GrandOrgue downloads for the newest sample sets can be found here.


If you want to contact me, feel free to write. If you are facing some problem, please write what software do you use (Hauptwerk or GrandOrgue).

Send me an e-mail

Company Name: Piotr Grabowski Wirtualne Organy
Company VAT ID: PL6272766274


My name is Piotr Grabowski. I was studying at the Sound Engineering departament at the The Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, Poland. I’ve been working on developing Hauptwerk’s sample sets for many years. My first free sample set was Skrzatusz sample set, later I made the next ones (Długa Kościelna, Melcer Chamber Music Hall) as a part of my thesis. Now I’m working full time and I’m still trying to find some time to record new instruments and then develop new sample sets, however it’s much harder than it was before.

Please remember that sample sets are not copies of real instruments, just some approximation of its sound and behavior. Also please do not use my free sample sets as a part of sold digital consoles.

Creating of sample sets is in some sense my passion. It requires a lot of patience, time, precision and knowledge, but may give interesting results. I still want to extend collection of my sample sets. I would like to thank everyone who helped me and supported me. I hope you’ll enjoy this work.