Immanuelkerk in Ermelo, Netherlands
Built by
Reil (1981)

Ermelo is a town located in the province Gelderland in The Netherlands. The Emmanuel Church (Immanuelkerk) was built in 1899 and later expanded with a tower in 1921-1922. It hosts a magnificent organ, built by famous Dutch organbuilder Reil in 1981. Its conception was heavily based on the organ of the Hervormde Kerk in Tzum, which was built by 1763-1764 by Albertus Anthoni Hinsz.

The stoplist of the organ of Ermelo is almost the same as its Tzum counterpart, with the exception of the pedal division. The original organ pedal keyboard has no stops, so it only couples manuals. In Ermelo, the pedal division was created with 5 stops assigned to it. Klaas Bolt, a well-known Dutch organist, was the advisor for the organ building project.

The sample set introduced a few small changes. The original tremulant affects the whole organ, however this behaviour can be changed in the Simple Jamb tab and chosen divisions can be disabled from the tremulant. One coupler was added (Rugwerk / Pedaal) and it is also available from the Simple Jamb tab. The keyboard compasses were slightly extended: the manuals from the C-f3 to C-a3 and the pedal from C-d1 to C-f1.

HoofdwerkBourdon 16 voet
Praestant 8 voet
Baarpijp 8 voet
Quintadena 8 voet
Octaaf 4 voet
Fluit 4 voet
Quint 3 voet
Octaaf 2 voet
Cornet III stark
Mixtuur III-IV sterk bas/discant
Trompet 8 voet bas/discant
Vox Humana 8 voet bas/discant

Manual koppel
RugwerkHolpijp 8 voet
Praestant 4 voet
Roerfluit 4 voet
Octaaf 2 voet
Gemshoorn 2 voet
Sesquialter II sterk
Dulciaan 8 voet
PedaalSubbas 16 voet
Octaaf 8 voet
Gedekt 8 voet
Bazuin 16 voet
Trompet 8 voet

Pedal koppel

Using this audio player you can listen to different audio channels the sample set is made of.
Use the sliders corresponding for each audio group to modify its volume.


Johann Sebastian Bach - Prelude in C-major, BWV 545 performed by Ralph Looij


Technical details

Sample rate 48 kHz
Bit resolution 24 bit
Channel count 6 (3 × Stereo)
Tremulant model sampled chromatically
Compatible software Hauptwerk v. 4.2 or higher
Memory requirements
24 bit, 6 channels 26 GB
16 bit, 6 channels 13 GB
24 bit, 2 channels 10.0 GB
16 bit, 2 channels 5.0 GB
Please note, that these values mean how much of free RAM you need to run the sample set. Usually you should add to them around 2 GB to see how much total RAM you should have installed on your computer. The values were given for Loseless compression setting turned on. Please note that this doesn't refer to free disk space.
For multichannel sample sets, the requirements for not all channels loaded are only approximated. Closer audio groups (close, front) have slightly lower requirements than further ones (middle, rear), so it depends which audio groups you will choose to load.

Video: How to load only selected audio groups


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Last update: 17th July 2021
Downloads: Full version 1.02   Demo version 1.02
Release notes:
1.02 - Added "Link Bas to Discant" feature (in the Settings tab). With it enabled, enabling or disabling bass part of the stop does the same thing with the discant part (concerns Mixtuur III-IV sterk, Trompet 8 voet, Vox Humana 8 voet)
1.01 - Fixed two faulty notes. Fixed the main console screen, so it isn't slightly cut from the left side anymore.