GrandOrgue versions

Please note that all my sample sets were designed primarly to work with Hauptwerk software, as it is more powerful, easy to use, better developed software. Personally I don’t use GrandOrgue and I won’t provide any support related to it (except cases where the issue is directly related to my sample set). Please use GrandOrgue forum or other ways to get the support. Here is the list of known problems or lack of features related to my sample sets’ GrandOrgue versions. If you don’t accept these limitations, don’t use or buy my products. Maybe some of these points won’t be valid as probably some of the issues may be fixed with new releases of GrandOrgue.


Here are the downloads containing ODF (organ definition files) for GrandOrgue software. Please note that for sample sets, which have paid full versions, in the downloaded file you will find ODFs for both demo and full versions. You can delete files you won’t need, so if you bought full version you can remove demo version files and vice versa.

Please remember: to use the sample set you also need to order it (free or paid) and download the package by following the cart and checkout pages. After downloading the package, you can download ODFs listed below and then follow installation instructions in the next paragraph.



Erfurt Büßleben



Chorzów, św. Jadwiga Śląska



For sample sets where you have separate download link to GrandOrgue version, you just need to extract the archive and open .organ file after extraction. With newer sample sets (listed above) it is a bit more complicated, but still quite easy. I made a short presentation how to install newer sets on Windows with free 7-zip software installed (you can use any software which extracts RAR files).