The 65 stop, 4 manual organ, built by French organbuilder Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.
The 45 stop (extended to 47), 3 manual organ in romantic-symphonic style, built by Mascioni.
św. Jadwiga Śląska
The 51 stop, 3 manual organ in German romantic style, built by Martin Binder & Sohn.
The 24 stop, 3 manual organ built by famous French organbuilder Aristide Cavaillé-Coll.
The 43 stop (extended to 44), 3 manual organ in modern style built by Eisenbarth.


Erfurt Büßleben virtual organ console

On this website you will find the pipe organ sample sets which allow you to play sampled instruments (their approximations) at home. To do that you need appropriate software. All of my sample sets are available for Hauptwerk pipe organ sampler. Some of them are also available for GrandOrgue software. Right after having the software you need a sample set – that is what I offer on this website. Finally, you need to connect MIDI keyboard(s) or console to your computer and enjoy playing.

So far most of my sample sets are free so I will be grateful for any donations for the work I’ve done. I hope you will enjoy playing these virtual instruments!

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8 June 2021

I’ve just released a big pack of updates. Now all of my multichannel sample sets have the detuning feature. The feature was added to: Saint-Jean-de-Luz (choeur), Erfurt Büßleben, Oloron-Sainte-Marie, Bégard, Obervellach, Chorzów św. Jadwiga Śląska, Alessandria. Nancy sample set also received an update. I improved a bit release sample handling (the way how short notes [...]

Nancy sample set released!

29 May 2021

The long-awaited sample set is now available. It is been a long journey, which finally reached the end. I hope it was worth it and the result will please you. A free demo version of the sample set includes 11 stops, as usual with all audio channels available. The price of the full version is [...]

UK sales now possible. New web server. New payment methods

4 May 2021

After countless hours of work to fulfill all the requirements connected with UK VAT, Brexit, tax regulations etc. I finally gave up and decided to resell my sample sets via DHMidi-Organs. The sales won’t be as quick as before, but at least it is now possible and legal. I joined other vendors like SonusParadisi, Voxus [...]


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