Landau, St. Maria – new sample set

4 May 2024

A new sample set is out! It’s a 72 stop (3+P) romantic organ built by G.F. Steinmeyer & Co. in 1924.

The organ is located in the south-west part of Germany, in Landau in der Pfalz. It’s a remarkable instrument with coherent, colorful, but also powerful sound. I hope you will like it!

It is available for Hauptwerk version 4.2 or newer. There is a free, demo version with a limited amount of playable stops.

My next sample set – Pinerolo, should be available in June.

Winter sale

3 January 2024

Happy New Year! All sample sets are now discounted from -10% up to -20%. The sale will last till January 31st 2024.

An update to Düsseldorf, St. Lambertus was released, fixing minor issues.

Black Friday

24 November 2023

From -10% to -20% on selected products! The sale will last till the end of the week.

Düsseldorf, St. Lambertus – new sample set

10 November 2023

After a long break, almost a year since the last release, a new sample set is finally ready – Düsseldorf, St. Lambertus (Germany).

It is a 76 stop modern organ, in French romantic style, built by the famous Rieger company. Actually these are two organs operated from one console (4+P): the main organ and the choir organ. I hope you will like it!

This is an encrypted sample set, so it requires Hauptwerk version 5 or higher to work.

This time there is no free demo version with a subset of stops. There is a 7-day trial version (for 9€), which allows you to play the sample set with no limitations. If you decide later to order the full version, the trial price will be subtracted from your order (in the cart).

I hope everything will work properly. The server may be quite loaded at first, hence the download speeds may be lower than usual. I ask for your understanding!

Summer sale

1 July 2023

I’m starting the summer sale. All 10% off! The promotion will last until the end of July.

In the meantime I’m still working on a new sample set, which should be available in September/October this year. Stay tuned!

Winter sale

30 December 2022

All sample sets are now discounted from -5% up to -20%. The sale will last till January 31st 2023.

Düren sample set released

17 December 2022

The new organ is out! It’s a sample set of 48 stop eclectic organ in Düren (Germany) built by Metzler company from Switzerland . A very versatile organ with interesting, distinctive voicing. I hope you will like it. I would like to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Black Friday

24 November 2022

All of my products are discounted till the end of the weekend! From -10% up to -40%.

Erfurt Predigerkirche sample set released

5 November 2022

I’ve just released a new sample set – Erfurt Predigerkirche (Germany). It is a 57 stop (extended from 56) neo baroque organ, built in 1977 by Schuke from Potsdam, Germany. The magnificent baroque case dates back to 1648, built by Ludwig Compenius. From what I know, it is the first Schuke organ available for Hauptwerk. I hope you will like it!

Ermelo sample set released

25 June 2022

I’ve just released a new sample set – Ermelo. It is a 24 stop Dutch organ, built in 1981 as a copy of an old Hinsz organ (1764) from Tzum. It is a well appreciated instrument, with an interesting sound, located in a small town church. I hope you will like it!