Black Friday

24 November 2022

All of my products are discounted till the end of the weekend! From -10% up to -40%.

Erfurt Predigerkirche set released

5 November 2022

I’ve just released a new sample set – Erfurt Predigerkirche (Germany). It is a 57 stop (extended from 56) neo baroque organ, built in 1977 by Schuke from Potsdam, Germany. The magnificent baroque case dates back to 1648, built by Ludwig Compenius. From what I know, it is the first Schuke organ available for Hauptwerk. I hope you will like it!

Ermelo sample set released

25 June 2022

I’ve just released a new sample set – Ermelo. It is a 24 stop Dutch organ, built in 1981 as a copy of an old Hinsz organ (1764) from Tzum. It is a well appreciated instrument, with an interesting sound, located in a small town church. I hope you will like it!

Goch sample set released

30 April 2022

After a longer break, a new sample set is available. It is a 42-stop organ built in 2015 by Romanus Seifert und Sohn from Germany. It is located in Goch, Germany. It fits perfectly for French romantic music and it is quite a versatile instrument. I would like to invite you to watch Richard McVeigh’s video about the sample set. I hope you will like it!

New Swiss reseller. Small patches

12 January 2022

In the last time the sale to Swiss citizens was not possible due to tax problems in Switzerland. Now I have found a reseller, namely musicbase, run by Mr. Matthias Steiner. His website does not have a webshop, but you can order my sample sets from him by e-mail, phone 031 376 05 05 or via contact form. The prices are always calculated at the daily Euro conversion rate to Swiss Francs.

musicbase has been specializing in music computers and music software since 1994 and offers high quality, durable and exceptionally reliable Windows computers, specially optimized for audio applications and virtual instruments or applications like Hauptwerk, Cubase, Vienna Symphonic Library and many others.

With his many years of experience Matthias Steiner is also happy to help you with hardware or software problems as well as with the installation, be it via remote maintenance or on-site.


I also released a few small patches. As usual patches are listed at the bottom of each sample set webpage.

  • Erfurt Bussleben (only GrandOrgue version) – There were some issues with pitch tuning, when using different than original temperament. You can download the most recent ODF from GrandOrgue versions page.
  • Cracow, st. John Cantius (only GrandOrgue version) – Surprisingly celeste stops (Unda maris and Voix céleste) weren’t detuned before, as they should be.
  • Święta Lipka – Some part of key and stop actions noises were independent from their master volume controls. Now it works as intended.

Winter sale

31 December 2021

I decided to organize a small winter sale. Every paid product costs 15% less until the end of January 2022. After the sale, some prices may be slightly raised due to the rising inflation.

Maybe the Christmas time is already over, however I would like to recommend you a wonderful not-only Christmas recital played on Nitra sample set by Ralph Looij and an another recital by Fraser Gartshore played on the Alessandria sample set . I hope you will like it.

I would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

Nitra sample set released

23 October 2021

Nitra sample set released

A new sample set is now available. It is a 30-stop organ built in 2016 by Kögler from Austria. It is located in Nitra city in Slovakia. The organ was built in a beautifully restored baroque organ case. The stops have charming, colorful voicing. The organ was presented by Richard McVeigh in this Youtube video. As usual I also prepared a video presentation of the organ capabilities. Here you can see the video. This time I invited Ralph Looij as a performer. He is a fantastic organ player and I strongly recommend visiting his Youtube channel.

Green Positiv update

I’ve updated the Green Positiv sample set. It is a small sample set with 5 stops (originally had 3), which may be suitable for a small portable positiv (with Hauptwerk or GrandOrgue system, speakers and MIDI keyboard). Now stop Kwinta 1 1/3′ isn’t anymore borrowed, so it is properly tuned and its volume can be now separately adjusted. I’ve added stop action noises to extension stops, fixed some faulty pipes, improved release handling and extended keyboard compass to 56 keys (from 51). There is no patch for this update. Please redownload the whole sample set. It is fairly small (around 700 MB).

Nancy update

I’ve also released a small update for Nancy. I’ve added crescendo disable switch (available from Organ settings/Organ Stop/Coupler/Tremulant switches menu). Disabled stops now have a darker look in Console and Jamb views for the greater difference between enabled and disabled state.

Small patch for Święta Lipka. Nitra release date

24 September 2021

I’ve just released a small patch for Święta Lipka sample set. It makes all Figuren noises independent from Blower and ambient volume control. It also fixes wrong order of enclosure images in the console view.

Nitra sample set will be released on October 23rd 2021.

Święta Lipka sample set released

12 August 2021

I hope you’re all fine after the holidays. I’m releasing a new sample set: Święta Lipka. This organ is quite well known, especially in Poland. It has a famous facade with moving figures. It is also a very interesting instrument, with many different colours, powerful tutti and a few toys to play with (Glockenspiel, Glocken, Zimbelstern, Nachtigall). The sample set also includes animations of the figures, these may stutter on less powerful CPUs, as Hauptwerk wasn’t designed for such features. I hope the sample set will bring you joy playing it.

I also released a small patch for Chorzów, św. Jadwiga Śląska sample set, which corrects two tremmed notes of Gedackt 8′.


8 June 2021


I’ve just released a big pack of updates. Now all of my multichannel sample sets have the detuning feature. The feature was added to:

  • Saint-Jean-de-Luz (choeur)
  • Erfurt Büßleben
  • Oloron-Sainte-Marie
  • Bégard
  • Obervellach
  • Chorzów św. Jadwiga Śląska
  • Alessandria

Nancy sample set also received an update. I improved a bit release sample handling (the way how short notes sound). To hear the difference, you need to load the sample set with regeneration of cache. There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way is to select in Hauptwerk main menu: Organ/Load organ adjusting rank audio memory options … select the sample set and in the window which will appear, change any option and revert it back to the previous value. Hauptwerk will think something has changed and it will rebuild the cache file (which takes a while).

I also changed the behavior of 3 presets in the Settings tab in all mentioned sample sets. Now they also store the information about noise levels (key action, stop action, blower and ambient) and the level of detuning.

I’ve also updated all “big” downloads, so there is no need to install these updates (for people who started to download after receiving this message). I hope these updates will give you fun exploring some new sounds coming from the sample sets.

All updates can be found at the very bottom of webpages of each sample set.


I’ve noticed my previous message about upcoming tutorial videos had quite a big reception. I haven’t prepared any new tutorials yet. I plan to practice a bit with my English pronunciation and maybe try to prepare them with audio. I will see how it goes.

Święta Lipka

I plan to release it in the middle of July. I’m not sure yet if it is achievable.