Erfurt Büßleben
St. Petri Kirche in Erfurt, Büßleben, Germany
Built by
Georg Christoph Stertzing (1702)

The organ was initially built for the Benedictine monastery located in Erfurt on the Petersberg (Peter’s hill) in 1702. It was made by Georg Christoph Stertzing from Eisenach, who was a very well-known organ builder of his times and was valued by the members of the Bach family. Three members of the family played his instruments!

During the time of secularization, the municipality of Büßleben decided to buy the organ and move it to St. Petrikirche in Büßleben in 1812. At that time, Büßleben was a separate city, and now it is a district of Erfurt. The St. Petri church is the oldest building of Büßleben. Its construction started in 1103. Maybe the reason why the organ survived in the almost unaltered condition is the church, which was far from the big music centres. In the era of romantic modifications, this instrument remained virtually intact, as there was also no place to make such modifications. Even for its original case, it fits the church just right, with no space left above. Despite the changes, which were made throughout its existence, a massive part of the original substance was preserved, which allowed for very accurate renovation, performed by Alexander Schuke company from Potsdam in years 1998-2002.

Erfurt-Büßleben is the only place where the heritage of Sterzing remained, and it is also the oldest instrument of this size in the Thuringia region. What is worth noting, is that the organ was selected as a model for the new “Bach organ” in the St. Thomas church in Leipzig. The goal was to recreate a sonically authentic instrument from the time of Johann Sebastian Bach.

This description is based on the texts from the website (in German). There you can find more details about the organ and its history.

The manuals compass is from C-c3 and pedal from C-e1, which may be extended to f3 and f1 accordingly. Originally all keyboards were missing the lowest C#, which may be added by enabling keyboard compass extension. The organ has a fascinating temperament, which sounds close to meantone temperament. It also has very high pitch a1 = 529 Hz, which is almost three semitones above the standard 440 Hz pitch.

OberwerkQuintaden 16 Fuß
Principal 8 Fuß
Rohrflöth 8 Fuß
Quinta 6 Fuß
Octav 4 Fuß
Rauschpfeif 2 fach
Octav 2 Fuß
Sesqaltera 2 fach
Mixtur 6 fach
Cymbel 3 fach
Trombetta 8 Fuß
BrustwerkGedact 8 Fuß
Quintaden 8 Fuß
Traversa 8 Fuß
Principal 4 Fuß
Nachthorn 4 Fuß
Octav 2 Fuß
Waldflöth 2 Fuß
Quinta 1 1/2 Fuß
Mixtur 3 fach
Vox humana 8 Fuß
PedalPrincipal 16 Fuß
Sub Bass 16 Fuß
Violon 16 Fuß
Octav 8 Fuß
Mixtur 4 fach
Posaun 16 Fuß
Cornet 2 Fuß

Coppel ins Pedal

Technical details

Sample rate 48 kHz
Bit resolution 24 bit
Channel count 6 (3 × Stereo)
Compatible software Hauptwerk v. 4.2 or higher
Memory requirements
24 bit, all channels 19 GB
16 bit, all channels 9.3 GB
24 bit, 2 channels 6.2 GB
16 bit, 2 channels 3.1 GB
Please note, that these values mean how much of free RAM you need to run the sample set. Usually you should add to them around 3-6 GB to see how much total RAM you should have installed on your computer. The values were given for Loseless compression setting turned on. Please note that this doesn't refer to free disk space.
For multichannel sample sets, the requirements for not all channels loaded are only approximated. Closer audio groups (close, front) have slightly lower requirements than further ones (middle, rear), so it depends which audio groups you will choose to load.

Video: How to load only selected audio groups


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Last update: 8th June 2020
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Release notes:
1.01 - Fixed small issues, improved performance.
1.02 - Fixed left/right jamb stops placement in horizontal mode.
1.04 - Fixed ambient noise not playing in dry and rear audio group.
1.05 - Added detuning feature. Now key/stop action noises and blower/ambient noises are stored in presets, as well as the detuning level values.
1.06 - Fixed pitch tuning issues (only in GrandOrgue version). Go to this page to download the most recent version.