Green Positiv
Various locations in Poland
Built by
Stanisław Pielczyk (2008)

This small instrument was made by Stanisław Pielczyk, who is his owner. It has been used for rent on many events and it is still used quite often. The keyboard compass is from C to d3, extended to g3 in the sample set.

The sample set was created in more detailed way than other instruments (concerns only Hauptwerk version). It has 3 sustain samples per pipe for different key press force: soft, medium and hard. Key action samples have 5 levels of touch sensitivity.

Two stops were added to the sample set: Pryncypał 4′ and Kwinta 1 1/3′. Both use mostly pipes from Pryncypał 2′.

ManualFlet kryty 8'
Pryncypał 4' *
Flet kryty 4'
Pryncypał 2'
Kwinta 1 1/3'

* borrowed stop

Technical details

Sample rate 48 kHz
Bit resolution 24 bit
Channel count 2 (Stereo)
Compatible software Hauptwerk v. 4.0 or higher
Memory requirements
24 bit, all release samples 1.4 GB
Please note, that these values mean how much of free RAM you need to run the sample set. Usually you should add to them around 3-6 GB to see how much total RAM you should have installed on your computer. The values were given for Loseless compression setting turned on. Please note that this doesn't refer to free disk space.


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Last update: 23rd October 2020
Release notes:
1.2 - Kwinta 1 1/3' isn't anymore borrowed stop, so it is properly tuned and its volume can be now separately adjusted. Added stop action noises to extension stops. Fixed some faulty pipes. Improved release handling. Extended keyboard range to 56 keys (from 51). There is no patch for this update. Please redownload the whole sample set.