Lędziny, st. Clement
St. Clement in Lędziny, Poland
Built by
Carl Volkmann (1888)

Lędziny is a town located in south Poland, in Upper Silesian Industrial Region. Parish of Lędziny is one of the oldest on Upper Silesia. The first mention about the parish comes from XIII century. The present church was built in 1769. The church is located on a small mountain and it is a good vantage point.

The organ was thouroughly renovated in 1999-2000 by mgr inż. Olgierd Nowakowski. It has tracker key and stop action. Manual compass is C-f3, pedal C-d1.

This sample set was developed in 2006. Recently I refreshed it, however it doesn’t offer multi-release samples (it offers lower level of realism).

ManualPrincipal 8 Fuß
Salicet 8 Fuß
Portunal-Flöte 8 Fuß
Flaut major 8 Fuß
Principal 4 Fuß
Flauto traverse 4 Fuß
Quinte 2 2/3 Fuß Octave 2 Fuß
Mixtur 2 fach

Calcanten Ruf
PedalSubbaß 16 Fuß
Principalbaß 8 Fuß
Violoncello 8 Fuß

Pedal coppel

Technical details

Sample rate 48 kHz
Bit resolution 24 bit
Channel count 2 (Stereo)
Compatible software Hauptwerk v. 4.0 or higher
Memory requirements
24 bit 1.6 GB
16 bit 0.8 GB
Please note, that these values mean how much of free RAM you need to run the sample set. Usually you should add to them around 3-6 GB to see how much total RAM you should have installed on your computer. The values were given for Loseless compression setting turned on. Please note that this doesn't refer to free disk space.


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