Nancy sample set released!

29 May 2021

Nancy sample set released

The long-awaited sample set is now available. It is been a long journey, which finally reached the end. I hope it was worth it and the result will please you. A free demo version of the sample set includes 11 stops, as usual with all audio channels available.

The price of the full version is 699€ excluding taxes. This price is a sale price for one month. Later it will be 729€.

Joint project

The significant part of the income goes to Association pour le renouveau des orgues de la cathédrale de Nancy, which is responsible for non-profit cultural events taking place in the cathedral and organ renovation projects. It is also responsible for the project of the revival of the last original Cavaillé-Coll’s 16-stop organ as a choir organ in the cathedral. You can read more about this very interesting project at this website.

Tutorial videos

I plan to do a few tutorial videos to explain some rather basic aspects of Hauptwerk world. So far I’ve done one video explaining how to load only selected audio groups. I plan to make more videos on topics like: how to properly set the polyphony limit, how to set real-time priority for Hauptwerk to avoid CPU spikes, how to route different audio groups to different sound card outputs, how to hear different mix than is recorded etc. I will try to prepare them in my “free time”. I hope these videos will help some people to setup their configuration.

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