Nitra sample set released

23 October 2021

Nitra sample set released

A new sample set is now available. It is a 30-stop organ built in 2016 by Kögler from Austria. It is located in Nitra city in Slovakia. The organ was built in a beautifully restored baroque organ case. The stops have charming, colorful voicing. The organ was presented by Richard McVeigh in this Youtube video. As usual I also prepared a video presentation of the organ capabilities. Here you can see the video. This time I invited Ralph Looij as a performer. He is a fantastic organ player and I strongly recommend visiting his Youtube channel.

Green Positiv update

I’ve updated the Green Positiv sample set. It is a small sample set with 5 stops (originally had 3), which may be suitable for a small portable positiv (with Hauptwerk or GrandOrgue system, speakers and MIDI keyboard). Now stop Kwinta 1 1/3′ isn’t anymore borrowed, so it is properly tuned and its volume can be now separately adjusted. I’ve added stop action noises to extension stops, fixed some faulty pipes, improved release handling and extended keyboard compass to 56 keys (from 51). There is no patch for this update. Please redownload the whole sample set. It is fairly small (around 700 MB).

Nancy update

I’ve also released a small update for Nancy. I’ve added crescendo disable switch (available from Organ settings/Organ Stop/Coupler/Tremulant switches menu). Disabled stops now have a darker look in Console and Jamb views for the greater difference between enabled and disabled state.

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