Saint-Jean-de-Luz (choeur)
Église Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, France
Built by
Victor Gonzalez (1930)

The choir organ of Saint-Jean-Baptiste church in Saint-Jean-de-Luz (France) was built in 1930. Victor Gonzalez, who built this organ, was a famous organ-builder in France during the 20th century. He actively participated in the boom of new neoclassical aesthetic which combined Clicquot and Cavaillé-Coll organs features.

Last year, the instrument was in terrible shape. Therefore, in March 2018, it was decided by the parish and the association “Orgue à Saint-Jean-de-Luz” to start restoration works. In April 2019, the organ was fully playable, and it was re-inaugurated.

The restoration works were carried out by Pellerin & Uys – French organ-builder, who did some effective modifications including a new voicing to take full advantage of all stops. In the Grand-Orgue, the Sesquialtera was split into Nasard 2 2/3 and Tierce 1 3/5. He also added new couplers. The console and electrical action have been rebuilt. The compass of the pedal is from C to f3 and C to g5 for manuals.

The organ is situated in the chapel of the Virgin on the right side of the choir in an angle. The organ case does not have apparent pipes but consists of two enclosure boxes. The console is underneath the case, facing the right side of the altar.

All the restoration works resulted in rediscovering a beautiful instrument which is perfect for playing with choirs or with the great organ.

Unfortunately because of unfavorable conditions during the recording, key and stop action noises weren’t recorded, so they are not included in the sample set.

Grand Orgue Bourdon 16
Flûte harmonique 8
Bourdon 8
Prestant 4
Quinte 2 2/3
Doublette 2
Tierce 1 3/5

II 16/I
II 8/I
II 4/I
Annulation 8 GO
Récit expressif Flûte 8
Flûte 4
Plein-jeu III
Trompette 8

II 16/II
PédaleSoubasse 16 1
Bourdon 8 1
Flûte 8 2
Flûte 4 2
Flûte 2 2

1 borrowed from GO Bourdon 16
2 borrowed from GO Flûte harmonique 8
Tremblant for whole instrument (this behaviour can be changed in Settings page)

Technical details

Sample rate 48 kHz
Bit resolution 24 bit
Channel count 6 (3 × Stereo)
Compatible software Hauptwerk v. 4.2 or higher
Memory requirements
24 bit, all channels 11 GB
16 bit, all channels 5.7 GB
24 bit, 2 channels 3.8 GB
16 bit, 2 channels 1.9 GB
Please note, that these values mean how much of free RAM you need to run the sample set. Usually you should add to them around 3-6 GB to see how much total RAM you should have installed on your computer. The values were given for Loseless compression setting turned on. Please note that this doesn't refer to free disk space.
For multichannel sample sets, the requirements for not all channels loaded are only approximated. Closer audio groups (close, front) have slightly lower requirements than further ones (middle, rear), so it depends which audio groups you will choose to load.

Video: How to load only selected audio groups


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Last update: 8th June 2020
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Release notes:
1.04 - Added detuning feature. Now blower/ambient noises level is stored in presets, as well as the detuning level values.