8 June 2021


I’ve just released a big pack of updates. Now all of my multichannel sample sets have the detuning feature. The feature was added to:

Nancy sample set also received an update. I improved a bit release sample handling (the way how short notes sound). To hear the difference, you need to load the sample set with regeneration of cache. There are a few ways to do this. The easiest way is to select in Hauptwerk main menu: Organ/Load organ adjusting rank audio memory options … select the sample set and in the window which will appear, change any option and revert it back to the previous value. Hauptwerk will think something has changed and it will rebuild the cache file (which takes a while).

I also changed the behavior of 3 presets in the Settings tab in all mentioned sample sets. Now they also store the information about noise levels (key action, stop action, blower and ambient) and the level of detuning.

I’ve also updated all “big” downloads, so there is no need to install these updates (for people who started to download after receiving this message). I hope these updates will give you fun exploring some new sounds coming from the sample sets.

All updates can be found at the very bottom of webpages of each sample set.


I’ve noticed my previous message about upcoming tutorial videos had quite a big reception. I haven’t prepared any new tutorials yet. I plan to practice a bit with my English pronunciation and maybe try to prepare them with audio. I will see how it goes.

Święta Lipka

I plan to release it in the middle of July. I’m not sure yet if it is achievable.

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