New Swiss reseller. Small patches

12 January 2022

In the last time the sale to Swiss citizens was not possible due to tax problems in Switzerland. Now I have found a reseller, namely musicbase, run by Mr. Matthias Steiner. His website does not have a webshop, but you can order my sample sets from him by e-mail, phone 031 376 05 05 or via contact form. The prices are always calculated at the daily Euro conversion rate to Swiss Francs.

musicbase has been specializing in music computers and music software since 1994 and offers high quality, durable and exceptionally reliable Windows computers, specially optimized for audio applications and virtual instruments or applications like Hauptwerk, Cubase, Vienna Symphonic Library and many others.

With his many years of experience Matthias Steiner is also happy to help you with hardware or software problems as well as with the installation, be it via remote maintenance or on-site.


I also released a few small patches. As usual patches are listed at the bottom of each sample set webpage.

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